Thursday, July 3, 2008

~lEt'S uPdAtE oUr nIyYaH~

Assalamualaikum wbt...


Two words that contrast each other would be the best to express how i felt about ending my holidays; excited and sad...

EXCITED to start new block, new academic session...alhamdulillah, after STRUGGLING and putting in all my EFFORTS & STRENGTH juz to pass, i manage to PROCEED my, i'm a 2nd yr medical student...hehe...EXCITED to continue my fight as a student and also as a muslim da'ie..being AWARE that my responsibilities are vital to be carried out perfectly (insyaALLAH), i'm in the process of IMPROVING myself towards betterment..

SAD with the thought that i will once again LEAVE my MUM n my DAD...their HAPPINESS and WELL-BEING are my BIGGEST CONCERN, my crucial responsibility as a DAUGHTHER who always loves them..SAD when it comes to leave this lovely's true that HOME is where the heart is...

BUT...CHEER UP...!let's take a few moment to think deeply and ask ourself about our MAIN PURPOSE of wisdom keep telling me that all of us is a LEADER...and a LEADER is a FIGHTER! and a FIGHTER is the one who is able to sacrifice a FIGHTER, we should be the one that makes things english teacher once said to me that there are 3 types of people in this world..and they are:

  1. people who only see things happen around them

  2. people who make things happen

  3. people who dont know what's happening

So, to be in the 2nd group of people is not an ABC easy...BUT it also NOT an impossible task...the most important thing is our WILLINGNESS to contribute...if u claim that u are a FIGHTER, then u need to prove it! =) PLUS with a good, LET'S UPDATE OUR NIYYAH!